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Our Facilities

The Surgery Center of Huntsville is a state-of-the-art facility designed to promote excellence in patient care and outpatient surgery.We specialize in procedures that do not require patients to stay overnight in a hospital. We have the following facilities to help your physician perform a procedure or treat your condition:


Our main reception area and waiting room is spacious and bright for the families of patients for general surgical procedures. This is also where you check in prior to your surgery. Our Extended Care Center and Breast Center have their own waiting room so that your family and friends can be near you at all times.


This is the beginning of our team procedure, where your medical history is reviewed, instructions about your procedure are given, the Operative Permit is signed and your IV is started. Your Anesthesiologist will also meet with you and your family here to answer any questions about your anesthesia.


After being pre-oped, you are brought here and introduced to the rest of your surgery team and your procedure is verified and checked before the anesthesia is started. Our state-of-the-art facilities include:


This is where you recover after surgery until your vital signs are stable. After meeting all of the medical criteria, you are discharged by your Anesthesiologist and escorted to your car.


The ECC is a 23-hour extension of the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit for those patients needing additional care for observation or pain control.

Our Specialty Centers


Modern technology has made surgical correction of the most common eye conditions relatively simple and painless. The Eye Center offers four surgical suites fully equipped and staffed to assist your physician in most common surgical eye procedures including no-shot/no-stitch cataract removal, retinal detachment surgery, glaucoma pressure relief, and corneal transplant.


Pain management is a key component in recovering from injury and disease. When cancer, accident or spine and joint disease are involved, however, pain management may not be as simple as taking a pill to feel better. The Pain Management Center provides physicians with the latest in tools and technology to provide fast, sterile and effective treatments for a wide range of pain sources.


To help make an early diagnosis of breast cancer, we use techniques that produce exceptionally low complication rates and excellent diagnostic results. Both on-site and local pathologists work with your surgeon to ensure accurate and timely biopsies with fast and reliable diagnoses. Since its opening in 1997, The Breast Center has performed more than 5,000 minimally invasive breast biopsies, almost 100 biopsies every month.


Colonoscopy, one of our most common endoscopic procedures, has become an annual event for millions of people as part of a regular health screening protocol. Early and accurate diagnoses of colon cancer and other diseases of the bowel, may significantly impact outcomes. At The Endoscopy Center, both on-site and local radiologists work with your surgeon to ensure accurate and timely biopsies with fast and reliable diagnoses.

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