Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Patient Rights & Responsibilities

At The Surgery Center of Huntsville, we believe in healthcare excellence. We have written these Patient Rights and Responsibilities with that in mind. By observing these rights and responsibilities, we can provide more effective care for our patients and greater satisfaction to our patients, physicians and nursing staff. We will provide these rights to all patients without regard to age, race, sex, national origin, culture, physical handicap, personal values or belief systems.

Patient Rights

At The Surgery Center we recognize that our patients are first individuals with specific rights and needs. By being committed to your rights, we are better able to ensure that you receive outstanding healthcare and that your experience at The Surgery Center is comfortable as well. Your specific rights are:

TO BE treated with respect, dignity and consideration at all times.

TO HAVE your personal information treated as confidential information. The Surgery Center follows the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, more commonly known as HIPAA, which governs the protection of privacy information and services provided. In the event the law requires us to give information about your treatment or condition, we will give you the opportunity to approve or refuse the release of any and all information.

TO KNOW the rules and regulations that apply to your conduct and responsibilities as a patient.

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TO KNOW what services are available at The Surgery Center.

TO KNOW the people who are responsible for coordinating your care.

TO BE informed about any people, other than routine personnel, who will be observing or participating in your treatment.

TO KNOW the qualifications of your doctor and any other physicians who are participating in your procedure.

TO CHANGE providers if other qualified providers are available.

TO PARTICIPATE in decisions involving your healthcare, except when such participation would not be in your best interest for medical reasons.

TO RECEIVE from your physician or medical team complete information about your diagnosis, treatment and prognosis, to the degree that such information is known.

TO RECEIVE an electronic copy of your medical record in the form or format you request if the provider is capable of producing the copy in the requested format.

TO UNDERSTAND the procedure(s) or treatment(s) you are going to receive. You should ask questions of your physician until you are comfortable with what is going to happen because you will be required to sign an “informed consent” form upon your arrival at The Surgery Center.

TO REFUSE treatment and be told what the consequences of refusing treatment will be to the degree that such information is known.

TO BE fully informed about what you can and cannot do, should or should not eat or drink, and any other information pertinent to helping your body heal following your discharge from The Surgery Center. Any medications or follow up medical counseling must be coordinated by you through your physician(s).

TO EXPECT the care provided and services rendered to be consistent with national standards of care.

TO BE informed about policies regarding advance directives. Advance directive means a written instruction such as a Living Will or Health Care Power of Attorney, recognized under State Law (whether by statute or by Court of competent jurisdiction) and relating to the provision of health care when the individual is incapacitated. As an Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC), The Surgery Center is required by CMS (Medicare/Medicaid) to provide this information to you prior to your surgery. (ASC means any distinct entity that operates exclusively for the purpose of providing surgical services to patients NOT requiring hospitalizations; and in which the expected duration of services will NOT exceed 23 hours following the admission to the facility.)

  • The State of Alabama provides by statute for two types of Advance Directives:
  • Living Will: The Death With Dignity Act authorizes competent adults to express their wishes regarding the use of withholding of life-sustaining procedures, including artificial nutrition and hydration, in the event they are diagnosed with a terminal condition or are in a state of permanent unconsciousness and in the further event that they are incapacitated or otherwise unable to express their desires. The statute creates a form for the purpose entitled “Declaration of a Desire for a Natural Death.” This document and those similar in purpose are commonly referred to as a “Living Will.” We can provide you with the advance directive forms upon request. If you have prepared other forms of advance directives or put into writing your own desires concerning types of medical care, State statutes require that alternative forms of advanced directives correspond to State requirements. They must be signed by you and two witnesses.
  • Health Care Power of Attorney: The Alabama Probate Code authorizes competent adults to designate another person to make decisions on their behalf about their medical care in the event they become incapacitated. The statutory form created for this purpose is entitled “Health Care Power of Attorney.” This form is required to be with you.
  • The Center performs elective procedures that generally enhance or improve the patient's quality of life, therefore, in the event of a medical emergency, it is the policy of The Center to suspend the Advance Directives and resuscitate a patient and transfer that patient to a hospital.  This policy applies to all patients having a procedure at The Center.  In the event that the patient is transferred to the hospital, a copy of the document is sent with the patient.


TO EXPRESS your grievances and suggestions to The Surgery Center according to the Center’s policies and procedures. You are encouraged to ask questions about any of these rights that you do not understand. If you would like to express concerns regarding the quality of care you received at The Surgery Center, please contact the Director of Nursing or CEO at 256-533-4888. If you have concerns regarding your insurance or financial responsibility, please contact the Business Office Manager or Administrator at 256-533-4888. You will receive a personal response. In the event you are not satisfied with the results internally, the following facilities may be contacted:

  • Alabama Department of Public Health
    201 Monroe Street
    Montgomery, AL 36104
  • Regional IV Office of Civil Rights
    U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
    Sam Nunn Atlanta Federal Center
    Suite 16T70
    61 Forsyth Street SW
    Atlanta, GA 30303-8909
  • Medicare Ombudsman for Alabama
    State Health Insurance Assistance Program
  • Medicare Claim Fraud
  • Identity Theft Hotline
    Federal Trade Commission


TO KNOW if any research will be done during your treatment and be given the opportunity to refuse to participate in research.

TO EXAMINE and understand your statement of charges from The Surgery Center, regardless of the source of payment.

TO KNOW in advance of your procedure the estimated amount of your charges.

TO REQUEST that a health plan not be notified of treatment that you have paid in full.

TO UNDERSTAND what provisions are available for after-hour and emergency care.

TO RECEIVE information about the hospital or other institution you could be transferred to in the event of an emergency. You have the right to approve your hospital or institution of choice prior to any transfer.

TO HAVE confidence that any advertising or marketing related to The Surgery Center is in compliance with FDA requirements and is not misleading.

TO OPT OUT of communications for fundraising purposes.

Patient Responsibilities

Once you and your physician have agreed to have your procedure or treatment conducted at The Surgery Center you have specific obligations. By doing your part to meet your responsibilities, you can help to ensure your quality of care. The following is a list of your specific responsibilities:

YOU SHOULD read and understand all permits, forms and consents. If you do not understand them, it is your responsibility to ask your nurse or physician for clarification.

YOU MUST answer all medical questions truthfully and to the best of your knowledge.

YOU SHOULD carefully read and follow all pre-operative instructions given to you or your agent by your physician(s), nurses or The Surgery Center.

YOU SHOULD be respectful of all the healthcare professionals and staff, as well as other patients.

YOU MUST have a responsible adult remain with you for 24 hours if required by your provider.

YOU MUST notify The Surgery Center upon your arrival if you have not followed the pre-operative instructions given to you by your physician.

YOU WILL be required to read, understand and comply with any post-operative instructions you or your agent are given by your physician(s) and nurses, as well as attend any follow-up appointments.

YOU MUST contact your physician(s) if you have any problems after your discharge.

YOU WILL be required to pay for services rendered on a timely basis and accept the ultimate responsibility for payment, regardless of your insurance coverage.

YOU SHOULD notify the CEO of The Surgery Center if you feel that any of your rights have been violated or if you have a significant complaint or suggestion that may improve services or quality of care provided. The Surgery Center offers a patient questionnaire online or we can provide you with one that can be completed and returned. You can also call to speak to the CEO about your concerns or suggestions.