Pre-Registration And Your Costs

Pre-Registration And Your Costs

To ensure that your day at The Surgery Center is all about you and your care, you should pre-register for your procedure by calling us at 256-533-4888. In addition to reserving your treatment room, we can take care of the financial arrangements prior to your arrival. Our fees will include the costs of preparing for surgery, the surgical or treatment suite, all supplies and equipment, nursing and staff care, and recovery room care up to the time of your release.

Call us at 256-533-4888 to Pre-register for your procedure.

PLEASE fill out the Health Questionnaire before arriving for your procedure.

UPON your arrival, you will be asked to present your insurance card and a photo ID. We will file your insurance, but if we have not received payment within 45 days, you will be responsible for the balance. If you are a MEDICAID patient, you will be asked to present a current, valid MEDICAID card.

IF YOU plan to pay cash, or are uninsured, you will be asked to make payment prior to the date of your surgery. Prior to admittance, you will be asked to pay the following:

  • Your co-pay
  • Any remaining deductible
  • Any costs your insurance will not cover


IN ADDITION, you may be billed following your procedure for the following:

  • Any post-op care aids prescribed by your physician such as crutches, braces, walkers or other provisions
  • Any unplanned product or service deemed medically necessary by your physician or other service providers


YOU may receive separate bills from other doctors and service providers based upon the care and treatment you have received. These billers may include the following:

  • Your physician
  • Your anesthesiologist
  • The pathologist, if required
  • Any laboratory services, including blood work
  • Any radiology fees, including the over-read of any x-rays, sonograms, or scans
  • Durable medical equipment
  • Other professional or service fees based upon your treatment and care


PAYMENT POLICY: Payment is due at time of service. The Surgery Center accepts cash, check, VISA, Mastercard, Discovery, American Express and Care Credit.